TriCal Australia are pleased to announce their new line of STRIKE™ soil fumigants.

STRIKE™ formulations are Chloropicrin and Telone® based products which are widely recognised as the most effective soil fumigants to manage soil borne fungal pathogens in a variety of crops. Through proper use, these pre-plant soil treatments are an important component of a successful pest management system. They can be applied via shank injection or drip methods. The Strike product line helps our farmers grow a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable crop year after year.

STRIKE™ products effectively reduce soil borne pests providing a healthy environment for plants to produce a more resilient, healthy root system in Strike fumigated soil. A healthier root system improves crop irrigation efficiency and fertiliser use efficiency. The bottom line for the grower is better use of water and the potential for reduced fertiliser use and cost.

STRIKE™ effectively controls pathogenic soil fungi, and helps control nematodes, such as lesion and root knot; as well as other pests in the soil that inhibit root growth.

Efficacy varies by crop, soil conditions and application methods. For more information or specific data on the efficacy of STRIKE™ formulations, please visit:

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