Tropical fruit growers are invited to participate in a CQU survey gathering data about the impacts of extreme weather events and growers’ adaptation strategies.

The research project explores the business impacts of extreme weather events on tropical fruit farming. The research will document current and future adaption strategies in fruit production in farming businesses and aims to understand farmers’ business experiences about extreme weather events and adaptation strategies.

Tropical fruit growers across Queensland are welcome to participate in the survey. The research will focus in particular on pineapple, mango and lychee growers in Central Queensland.

The online survey includes multiple choice and open-ended questions about:

  • business experiences of extreme weather events,
  • adaptation strategies to minimize the impacts of extreme weather events,
  • the key mechanisms needed to implement appropriate adaptation strategies both at the farm and regional levels.

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. To start the survey follow this link:

The research is being conducted by Sabrina Haque, a post-graduate research student in the School of Business and Law at CQ University, and supervised by Dr Delwar Akbar and Professor Susan Kinnear.  For further information, contact Jane Muller, Growcom Senior Projects Manager,