Rural Water Use Efficiency Irrigation Futures Program

Operating across Queensland’s horticulture industry since 1999, Growcom continues to provide growers with services to assist in the implementation of improved water use efficiency and natural resource management, thus reducing risks to the farm business’s sustainability.

RWUE-IF delivers:

  • irrigation system assessments (application, pumps, fertigation)
  • farm mapping
  • an introduction to the Scheduling Irrigation Diary (SID) and the Water Manager Tool (WMT)
  • farm water use efficiency reports
  • irrigation scheduling and fertigation training.

Our achievements have included:

  • a high level of recognition in the horticultural industry with more than 95 per cent of growers aware of the program.
  • consistently engaged 60 per cent of horticultural growers participating in changed irrigation management practice and improvements (BMP).
  • more than 10,000 growers have attended our activities and workshops, aimed at assisting them to improve irrigation efficiency and natural resource management.
  • assisted more than 1600 growers through the Rural Water Use Efficiency, Financial Incentive Scheme, and several other incentive schemes funded by various regional catchment groups. This has resulted in an average return on investment (ROI) of 3.5:1. A recent incentive program in north Queensland resulted in a 7:1 ROI.
  • more than $230 million of gains in water savings and productivity.
  • the production of more than 90 information sheets to assist growers to improve irrigation efficiency.

Growcom is well recognised for what it delivers on farm and for its technical input towards industry and government policy and programs. We work in conjunction with the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM), the National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture at the University of Southern Queensland, Irrigation Australia Limited, the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the Queensland Rural Industry Training Council, regional based grower groups, irrigation manufacturers and suppliers and various regional natural resource management catchment groups and consultants to enhance the delivery of our program and provide growers with further technical knowledge and assistance.

The Rural Water Use Efficiency – Irrigation Futures (RWUE-IF) project is currently being offered to growers in the Granite Belt and Eastern Darling Downs until 30 June 2018.

Irrigation System Design Guidelines

As a key component of the Queensland Government’s Department of Natural Resources and Mines, the development of RWUE-IF Rural Irrigation System Design – Standards (RISD-SCoP) was initiated and has since been renamed the “Irrigation System Design Guidelines” in 2017. This document currently describes the accepted Irrigation System Design Guidelines for pressurised irrigation systems applicable to agricultural irrigation systems.

The purpose of the Guidelines is to provide a consistent guide for irrigation designers, re-sellers and end users of pressurised irrigation systems to adhere to. It describes a general design methodology and highlights elements that must be considered when planning, designing, and implementing a new irrigation development. In addition, it provides corresponding design parameters to be used by the designer to define such systems and to determine the system’s performance.

The Guideline can be found in the resources section.

RWUE-IF Resources

Growcom’s RWUE-IF resources page has a number of helpful tools and detailed fact sheets.


The Rural Water Use Efficiency Irrigation Futures (RWUE-IF) program is funded by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines. The program is a partnership between industry and government to improve the management of available irrigation water and to increase the profitability and environmental sustainability of Queensland’s rural industries.