Financial incentives scheme information kit for horticulture

Purpose of Scheme:

Reef Alliance – Growing a Great Barrier Reef (Horticulture) aims to improve sediment, nutrient & pesticide management on farms.

The following principles will apply:

  1. Funding will be directed to horticulture growers who are seeking to address nutrient, sediment and pesticide management practices
  2. Grower properties must be within the following NRM Regions:
    — Bowen Burdekin, Burnett Mary & Fitzroy catchment areas
  3. All projects funded to align with Water Quality Risk Assessment Framework

This scheme is a critical part of the Reef Alliance – Growing a Great Barrier Reef Horticulture and has direct links to industry adoption programs already in place.

Nature of Assistance:

The scheme provides a 40% subsidy up to $5000 (ex GST) for horticulture growers.  The scheme will commence in April 2017 with funding distributed across multiple rounds (see schedule) to approved applicants until available monies are exhausted.

Categories of items which attract subsidies:

  • Drainage, inter-row, capture works
  • Record / budget tools (development, subscription)
  • Fertigation systems (manual / automated)
  • Precision spray applicators
  • Monitoring tools (soil moisture, nutrients, sediment movement)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Farming enterprise must be in Queensland and be within the identified regions
  • Applicant must provide ABN number applicable to the farm enterprise
  • Must agree to the Terms & Conditions

Application Process

1. For information about the eligibility of the actual items that you wish to purchase under the scheme please contact:

Scott Wallace
0408 135 002

2. Complete the downloadable application form by clicking HERE.

3. Via email provide:

  • The application form you have just filled out (including a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions Declaration page)
  • job/equipment quotations

4. If the proposed item/s to be purchased is approved, an approval letter will be sent to the applicant and the purchase / works can then proceed.

5. Once the works are complete a site visit will be conducted and relevant invoices will be viewed and approved. Upon approval the subsidy will be paid.

6. Unsuccessful growers will be provided with feedback.

Number of growers to be funded per NRM region per period
Bowen / Burdekin Fitzroy Burnett Mary
April – December 2017 22 5 17
January – June 2018 9 1 7
July – December 2018 9 2 6