A Collaborative Learning Approach To Rural Resilience

Growcom has extensive experience supporting growers with disaster recovery. One of the key challenges with any disaster project is information gathered during the project is often forgotten once the project is finalised.

Through the Collaborative Learning Approach to Rural Resilience project, Growcom will establish an online platform that equips farmers with topic specific factsheets, webinars, podcasts and video tutorials that are designed to kick start a grower’s journey to disaster recovery and resilience building.

The information will be produced in collaboration with local service provides (accountants, financial consultants and agronomists), researchers, and farmers (farmer stories). This network will strive to forge a long lasting collaboration with local professionals to provide farmers with a disaster support network.

The Rural Resilience project will

  • Reduce future risks and minimise community dependence on government assistance
  • Enhance self-efficacy and community-efficacy
  • Minimise negative impacts and embrace opportunities
  • Promote connectedness, encourage support networks and social inclusion
  • Support and promote opportunities for sustainable economic recovery
  • Support business and service provider continuity
  • Promote preparedness and resilience to future disasters.
Contact the project manager

Jamie Thornberry
Recovery & Resilience Officer

0499 355 225

The Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors.