Hort360 Great Barrier Reef Queensland

Queensland production horticulture growers in the reef catchments are eligible to participate and benefit from farming efficiencies implemented through Growcom’s Hort360 Great Barrier Reef (Hort360 GBR) project.

Hort360 GBR assists horticulture growers to address priority actions required to achieve best management practices across the Great Barrier Reef catchments – from Cape York down to the southern Burnett-Mary regions. The project provides an opportunity for growers to self-assess and/or work with a facilitator, to identify current on-farm practices and demonstrate improvements to management of nutrient, pesticide, sediment and run-off. In addition, the project provides a pathway for horticulture growers to achieve environmental certification as a best practice producer in three key areas; sustainability, productivity, and farm efficiency.

Hort360 is entirely voluntary. However, best management practice (BMP) programs such as Hort360 are recognised as a way for growers to demonstrate environmental stewardship of the Great Barrier Reef and, more broadly, the environment. Primary producers in beef, cropping and sugar are also using BMPs to benchmark current farm practices, undertake improvements to farm practices and demonstrate their production capacity at best practice management. This approach is supported by the Queensland Government looking for the best outcomes for water quality, GBR health and engagement with horticulture.

Key outputs of the project include:

  • One-on-one extension services to assist growers to undertake Hort360 and improve sediment, nutrient and pesticide management practices
  • Provision of technical resources, such as fact sheets, case studies, workbooks and farm maps – to support Hort360 growers in their on-farm improvements.
  • Workshops, field days and other extension activities, connecting growers and stakeholders with the best technical expertise in the field.
  • Reef Certification through Hort360.
Contact the project team

Scott Wallace
(All Catchments)

0408 135 002

Michelle Haase
(Southern Catchments)

0428 586 890

Luke Hargreaves
(Central Catchments)

0422 567 371

Phil Laycock
(Northern Catchments)

0439 252 828

Hort360 GBR is funded through the Queensland Government’s Reef Water Quality Program and delivered by Growcom