Fair Farms

Fair Farms is an industry-led initiative aimed at fostering fair and responsible employment practices in Australian horticulture.

Our Program provides support and training of farm employers and a pathway to independent third-party audit and certification of fair employment practices. Fair Farms enables horticulture businesses to demonstrate their commitment to good employment to their customers, workers and the community.

Fair Farms is industry taking action on identified problems around workplace compliance. In the spirit of effective self-governance, Fair Farms aims to level the playing field by ensuring that growers and other suppliers, who comply with the rules and treat their workers fairly, are rewarded with superior access to the fresh produce supply chain. And to remove from the supply chain businesses that exploit workers deliberately to gain an unfair advantage.

We work in alliance with buyers of horticulture produce (retailers and wholesalers), government agencies, workers representative bodies, academia, professional experts and other stakeholders towards achieving this goal.

Fair Farms is developed and implemented by Growcom, peak industry body for horticulture in Queensland, with support from the Fair Work Ombudsman, the Federal Department of Agriculture and AUSVEG

Contact the Fair Farms Program Manager

Sachin Ayachit
Program Manager, Fair Farms

0498 656 165

Fair Farms is developed and delivered by Growcom with the support of the Fair Work Ombudsman, Federal Department of Agriculture and AUSVEG.