New, low sodium fertilisers that have been improving horticultural crop production throughout Europe over the past three years are now arriving in Australia.

Specialist fertiliser manufacturer, Haifa, has recently released three new, low sodium fertilisers to the local market offering high quality and some unique benefits for growers.

Haifa specialist from Holland, Ronald Valke, has been in Australia talking with growers at the recent Protected Cropping Australia conference in Queensland and through various production areas about the company’s new products, which include Haifa CalPrime, Multi-K Reci and Haifa VitaPhos-K.

Ronald said low sodium and chloride levels were critical to optimum crop production and Haifa had become a world leader in reduced sodium fertilisers.

“European growers have been using Cal Prime for three years now with fantastic results,’’ Ronald said.

“The lower sodium leads to a better solution and better plant growth, which equals better yields.’’

Haifa Cal Prime, ideally suited for high value glasshouse production and crops, contains more nitrogen and calcium than alternate calcium nitrate products available in the local market.

“It offers the highest analysis and quality calcium nitrate available in Australia, while also having very low ammonium and sodium levels,’’ said Haifa Australia Managing Director Trevor Dennis.

“Its high concentration means benefits for growers, allowing applications to be significantly reduced and savings to be made in labour and energy, as well as providing for less handling and transport.’’

Multi-K Reci, which specifically suits greenhouse production and high value crops, is another low salt product, offering a particularly pure form of potassium nitrate with very low sodium levels.

“Multi-K Reci is pivotal in reducing the sodium level of the nutrient solution, allowing it to be reused many times – not only saving money on fertiliser, but also helping to save water,’’ Trevor said.

He said excellent solubility with Haifa Cal Prime and Multi-K Reci also meant they were highly suitable for Nutrigation™ or foliar spray application in crops.

Haifa VitaPhos-K, containing phosphorus in the form of soluble polyphosphates rather than the phosphate ion, is designed to keep the phosphorus in the solution, making it available to plants over time.

“It offers a uniquely efficient form of phosphate that also provides a cleaning action on irrigation lines,’’ Trevor said.

He said the new fertilisers demonstrated Haifa was leading the fight against negative salts in crop production.

“The company’s products have long been recognised for their quality, ensuring they are easy to use and the nutrients are available to plants.’’