What Our Members Say – Terry O’Leary

“We are Growcom members because it’s important today to have a fine-tuned business focus, and our membership helps us keep up our professional skills, particularly in the area of workplace relations.

My parents were the first people in Australia to successfully grow seedless watermelons, and we have been producing since the early 1990s. We are a family business based in Chinchilla, supplying to supermarket chains and wholesale market agents. I joined the business in 2005.

We’ve been a Growcom member for a long time and for us there are many benefits. In recent years one of our biggest concerns was the backpacker tax. If Growcom wasn’t there, lobbying on our behalf, I dare say, our industry would be in a fairly bad spot.

Many growers have backpackers on their pay list during harvesting, so having Growcom’s voice of authority in front of government gave us peace of mind that someone was speaking on our behalf.

For us, and for many growers, being able to access the Infopest website helps us to make sure that we are compliant, and that everything is done properly using the correct sprays.

Everything changes quite rapidly, so knowing that the information is up to date, and also that there is information on industry benefits available to growers is a big help. Everything is collated into one, easily and readily available website that is available on your phone or on your computer.

The concern is that if you don’t get your pest control products right, there could be a product recall, which doesn’t just affect your business, but the whole industry. So knowing that you can get reliable information fast, is great.

I think if growers jump on the Growcom website and have a look at the products that are available, and the amount of information they have for us, they would realise the organisation is really exceptional. For the small cost of membership, you have access to qualified staff, with all the expertise that is needed.”

Terry O’Leary

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