What Our Members Say – Brock Sutton

“For me, the main benefit of my Growcom membership is that I have access to dedicated staff covering workplace relations, workplace health and safety, or whatever else I need. The average horticulture business doesn’t have the resources to have these types of staff.

I am a third generation farmer at Sutton farms, working with my father, Rick and brother, Dean, with my other brother Trent managing our market stand, SFD, in the Brisbane Markets. We produce cherry tomatoes, shallots, broccolini, lettuce and a number of other vegetables, and sell through the central markets, Coles and Woolworths.

It’s hard to say what an average day is like for me as the job is so dynamic and flexible to the needs of each day’s events. I mostly handle the development of the procedures and industrial relations elements of our business, including the management of orders, logistics, business planning and workplace relations matters. We have up to 200 staff, both permanent and seasonal, working at Sutton Farms throughout the year.

I like to understand legislation, and I think I have a competent knowledge about what is required in our industry, but it gives me much greater confidence to know that I have Growcom as a back-up and sounding board when my knowledge or experience may fall short.

While I focus on my business, I have the added benefit of knowing that Growcom is lobbying to ensure the best outcomes for all Queensland growers.”

Brock Sutton

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