What Our Members Say – Belinda Adams

“For the journey I have taken, I have to thank Growcom, because if I hadn’t got their email, my journey would be totally different.

I worked as a school teacher until about 10 years ago when I started working for the family business, Coastal Hydroponics. We are based on the Gold Coast and supply Queensland Coles stores with bagged salads and herbs.

For the first three years, I never left the business. My sole focus was the business, there was no time to take a break. One night, I was reading an email from Growcom for young growers, and I started thinking about the business, and feeling like I was in quick sand. I was going to be stuck doing this forever. The email made me think, I need to get out and learn.

I went along to the young growers’ conference. Over the few days, we went to the Growcom office in Brisbane, we sat in the Annual General Meeting, went to the markets and sat through a staff strategy meeting. By the end we had a really good idea of what Growcom does, and how there are opportunities to be gained in working with Growcom.

I was inspired!

You find out in business that working in with and learning from other people is the key for survival and growth. Being a Growcom member helps me to create a community around my business.”

Belinda Adams

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