Nutrients are an important input for optimising crop yield and maintaining the productive capacity of your paddock.

Nutrition management practices have the potential to strongly influence both the quantity and quality of crop produced as well as minimising the risk of land degradation and improving the natural productivity of the soil.

Getting the soil and nutrients balanced correctly is a constantly changing operation with adaptive management the key to achieving a good result.

Inappropriate or inefficient practices can lead to a higher risk of crop failure due to salinity, sodicity, acidic soils, groundwater and surface water contamination, erosion and involves wasting money and resources among others.

The Hort360 Nutrient module aims to help you maximise your yield whilst reducing unnecessary inputs. Hort360 will show you the risks you face on your farm from sub-optimal nutrient management and how tackling these issues can lead to greater profitability.

Hort360 is the best management practice program for horticulture. It is an online risk assessment tool designed to give you a 360-degree view of your farm business operation. You are able to access Hort360 via a Growcom facilitator and/or via your own login (just complete and submit the registration form – – if you do not already have a login).

By participating in Hort360 you will have the opportunity to access on-farm technical support, onfarm training, professional networks and certification against Freshcare Environmental. All this will enable you to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, improve productivity and product quality, and build wealth.