Your guide to introducing a
workplace wellness program on your farm

Congratulations on visiting this site. You have taken the first step towards introducing a workplace wellness program on your farm and so bring benefits to your business of:

Higher worker productivity
Decreased workers’ compensation and disability claims
Reduced absenteeism
A greater ability to attract and retain workers to the farm*

The Live Well Farm Well Planning Guide, is an interactive guide developed by Diabetes Queensland, Growcom and the Queensland Government following a pilot project with banana farms on the Cassowary Coast.

The pilot project focused on practical ways rural workplaces could achieve simple health improvements to reduce the risk of chronic disease.

The farms developed programs that fit farming schedules and helped farm workers and managers get more active and eat healthily drawing from programs such as:

  • Eat It – Diabetes Queensland’s healthy eating program
  • 10 000 Steps program using pedometers to monitor daily physical activity
  • Quitline program
  • Policy and environmental changes at the workplace
  • Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service.

On this page our new interactive guide is designed to extend the work of the pilot project beyond the participating banana farms to all horticulture farms, regardless of region or commodity grown.

Growcom urges growers to consider introducing a Live Well Farm Well program to their farm. Research shows that for every dollar a business invests in employee wellness, they receive a return of $4 in increased productivity*.

It is vitally important that we look after our health and the health of our workers the way we look after our crops.

Queensland is the leading state in Australia for overweight and obesity with 65 per cent of adults in that category. Consequently, we also have among the highest rates of chronic disease such as diabetes type 2 and heart disease.

Managing these diseases can have huge impacts on worker productivity and engagement. One in three Australians will be diagnosed with diabetes in their lifetime, that’s one in three employees, so it makes sense to keep the Australian workforce healthy. A preventive program goes a long way towards raising awareness of these challenges and developing some solutions before they affect the business’ bottomline.



Diabetes Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to raise awareness about how to prevent type 2 diabetes through managing risk factors such as obesity and overweight.

As the peak body for Queensland horticulture, Growcom encourages more people to increase their daily consumption of fruit and vegetables as part of the solution in tackling obesity. Currently fewer than 10 per cent of people are eating the right number of serves of vegetables (five) each day.

Diabetes Queensland and Growcom developed the Live Well Farm Well Planning Guide in partnership with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland as part of the State Government funded Healthier. Happier. Workplaces initiative.

Copyright: The State of Queensland (Queensland Treasury) 2015. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has no objection to this resource being reproduced. For any alterations to this resource please email

*Source: Medibank Private 2005. The Health of Australia’s Workforce, Medibank Private.