Ergon Energy has recently released a new powerline safety planning tool that assists landowners to adequately plan work around powerlines.

The Look up and Live map is an interactive geospatial map that has been developed to display the Energex and Ergon Energy electricity networks, including sourced third party information. It is now available on the released Look up and Live app and via the Look up and Live website:

Ergon has also made available very visible powerline markers called Rotamarkers for installation on properties.

When planning work near powerlines, it is very important that powerline markers are installed to ensure harvesters and farm machinery operators keep the powerline hazards front of mind.

The rotating motion of these red and white markers draws the attention of operators and reduces their chance of having unintentional blindness when they are operating nearby powerlines.

Glen Cook from Ergon Energy said the Rotamarkers are easily identifiable and can be seen from 1.1 kilometres away from the ground.

“If you’re trying to judge distance from the ground when you’re operating machinery or flying aircraft you have to have a warning marker on that powerline to be able to actually see it,” he said.

“Our eyes are trained to pick up movement so instantly our brain recognises the markers which have constant movement and spin in the breeze.”

The Rotamarkers comply with aerial application operations for aircraft to keep all workers safe when working around powerlines.

Ergon Energy reminds growers that it is a legislative requirement to always use safety observers to maintain a three metre exclusion zone from powerlines.

To see Ergon Energy’s video of Glen talking about the Rotamarkers, visit

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