Pineapple season is in full swing as growers in the state’s south east prepare to harvest their contribution to the nation’s supply.

Queensland is the nation’s biggest producer of tropical fruits including pineapples and most of the state’s pineapple production happens in south east Queensland, Yeppoon and North Queensland.

According to the Queensland AgTrends report, the gross value product for pineapples for 2018/19 is forecast to be $70 million, 4 per cent greater than the average over the past five years.

Pineapples can take up to 18 months to grow but have a shelf life of just a couple of weeks.

Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) South East Regional Area Manager, Brian Coe said pineapple producers could make the most of improvements in farm efficiency through investment in infrastructure and new technologies.

Mr Coe said Sustainability Loans of up to $1.3m were available to assist in achieving a more productive and
sustainable primary production enterprise.

“Queensland produce and pineapples especially are in high demand so producers are well placed to invest in new technology solutions to help reduce input costs such as water and energy, to increase plant production and process efficiencies and boost on-farm productivity and profitability,” Mr Coe said.

“Investing in new technology could often come with a level of risk and that was where QRIDA’s Sustainability Loans are an attractive option with low interest rates, loan terms of up to 20 years and no fees or charges.”

QRIDA has 10 Regional Area Managers located across the state who can visit growers on-farm to discuss their finance needs.

For more information visit or contact a local Regional Area Manager on Freecall 1800 623 946.