Farmers are being offered the opportunity to list their business with FarmReady Hub for FREE as an introductory offer.

FarmReady Hub attracts international and Australian workers and promotes farm work and the Australian horticulture industry.

FarmReady Hub is not an employment agency and does not find work for its members. It does however list a secure non-public directory of quality employers, agencies, farmers and licensed contractors. FarmReady Hub also provides pre-employment assistance and vocational training.

Through FarmReady Hub, farm workers are issued an electronic FarmReady Card which shows their potential employer they have obtained 100 per cent competency in the ‘farm preparation course’. Through this course the farm worker is trained in Australian legislation: OHS, Fair Work, Biosecurity, Food Safety, and guided in self-care: appropriate clothing, food, drinking water and sun safety. The training also guides the farm worker through government signups and establishing a TFN, superannuation and bank accounts.

What is the benefit to the farm owner?

Less paperwork: FarmReady Card holders will arrive for work with their visa, TFN, superannuation and bank account details in order. This information can be emailed to you – readable, complete, no chasing around. If you use a contractor or agency, this information will benefit them too.

Reduced induction: No farmer can get out of an on-site induction, that’s the law. But we can make it easier. The FarmReady Card underpins your induction and gives a job seeker the heads-up on what to expect and do.

Staff retention: FarmReady Card holders are shown the various kinds of farm work. They will see work videos and will get tips on how to choose the right job. Staff that understand the work beforehand will stay longer on your farm.

Our care factor: FarmReady members join before they leave their home country, so they have been linked to the right services and products along their journey. They are living in quality accommodation and travelling safe to our farms which we all know is important.

For more information visit or contact FarmReady Hub founder, Janne Dipple on