Pest Management

Our Pest Management Industry Development Officer, Janine Clark works to maintain access to chemicals for growers via off-label permits and label amendments. Growcom holds several hundred permits on behalf of Horticulture Australia Ltd (HAL), Ausveg and our members. This has enabled many new uses for growers and has increased their array of tools to combat pests in their industries.

Growcom has developed pest management strategy documents for 32 different industries, which were the forerunner to more current Strategic Agrochemical Review Process reports or SARPS produced by the HAL Minor Use Coordinator to enable a more planned and strategic approach to pest management to occur.

Janine has used Infopest since the 2000s in her work in developing Growcom’s first Pest Management Plan for the horticulture industry and in providing access to approved chemicals for horticulture growers via off-label permits and label amendments. The database is a vital industry tool which we have maintained for the benefit of industry.

Growcom uses its agri-political influence within the network of contacts which we have fostered within Biosecurity Queensland, Plant Health Australia and the federal Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry to ensure biosecurity issues are dealt with efficiently on behalf of growers.

Infopest – Free Online

Growcom has now launched Infopest free online. This easily searched, comprehensive database of all approved agricultural and veterinary chemicals and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) was originally developed and distributed by the Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (formerly DEEDI) since 1998. Infopest is now owned and managed by Growcom.

Contact the Infopest Administration Officer

Infopest is Australia’s most comprehensive agrichemical database, allowing users to determine which pesticides are registered or permitted for use in their crop or animal health situations.

To provide feedback on your experience using Infopest or to ask questions about how to become more proficient in its use, please contact the Infopest Administration Officer, Pam Bowles by calling 07 3620 3830 locally or 1300 367 911, or email