Why consider an Innovation Coach?

The federal and state governments are keen to assist growers to realise the potential of new technology through innovation and business processes by offering a range of programs and incentive grants.

New labour saving equipment and technology offers horticulture growers an end to labour supply problems and high production input costs.

We appreciate growers are busy running the farm. Implementing any innovation to an existing business is complex and time-consuming.

The Innovation Coach aims to work with and support you through this process.

The starting point is a full business evaluation through the Hort360 program and then engagement of industry experts to help realise your plans. You will receive:

  • A paddock to plate process map: identifying where simply refining your current processes could potentially save you thousands.
  • A growth plan: developed to implement innovation in your business by accessing available government grants and programs.
  • A skills audit: identifying workforce and management skill needs and available funding opportunities for training.

The Innovation Coach is an investment of $2000 per quarter for two years and is guaranteed to deliver a minimum value of $30 000 in services in return.

More information

For a simple, 20 minute, no obligation chat about where you would like to take your farm business contact the Hort360 Innovation Coach.

Steve Tiley
Hort360 Innovation Coach

07 4722 5741
0417 743 614

“Since starting our innovation program we have developed a clear strategy, secured an independent chairperson to improve corporate governance, rationalised business systems and capital purchases. 

Improved process mapping, reducing wastage and the reorganisation of production systems have seen a $150,000 reduction of packing costs.”

Rob Richardson,