The best management practice program for horticulture

Hort360 is a computer based, risk assessment tool, which is designed to give you a 360 degree view of your farm business operations. Hort360 assists you to identify potential risks, capitalise on business opportunities and highlight unnecessary farm expenses. It is a whole of farm business approach.

  • “Whether you’re at your best practice or working towards that goal, I’d certainly recommend Hort360.”

    Chris Fullerton
    Fullerton Farms
  • “We have been using Hort360 for a number of years now and we absolutely support it. We think it’s great for farmers to incorporate land care and management into their farms for more healthy and sustainable environments.”

    Merv Schiffke
    Taste ‘n’ See
  • “What is considered ‘best practice’ is always evolving. Hort360 has been helpful for us in identifying new technologies available to improve our soil and plant health.”

    Brock Sutton
    Sutton Farms
  • “Hort360 is a health check to identify gaps and help farmers access the systems required to fill the gaps in their business whether it be financial, environmental, health and safety or better workplace management – it is a complete package; a 360 degree view of your farm.”

    Les Williams
    Pineapple grower
  • “I was concerned that the Hort360 process might be arduous but it was actually quite easy. The report generated clearly outlined where you were, what you’re doing, and how you could improve.”

    Ben Gowen
    Sahara Farms
  • “Hort360 has enabled us to know where the industry and other growers are headed so we are able to gauge our own progress against theirs.”

    John Allen
    Oakland Farms
  • “Even if you think you’re doing a good job in your current practices, there are still benefits to be gained by taking part in Hort360 and having areas pointed out that you may have overlooked.”

    Chris Fullerton
    Fullerton Farms

How does it work?

The program is entirely voluntary. Through a one-on-one facilitated process, you will be asked a series of questions relevant to your business. As you answers each question, the system tells you if you are ‘below’, ‘at’, or ‘above’ the industry standard for each practice. If any practice is below the industry standard, you will be advised on what necessary actions are required to reach the right level.

Why be involved?

By participating in Hort360 you will have the opportunity to access technical support, on-farm training, and professional networks. All this will enable you to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, improve productivity and product quality, and build wealth.

Why is it important?

Hort360 allows the industry to be guided by science to make decisions that work for farms and businesses. It also allows the horticulture industry to demonstrate our stewardship of the environment and willingness to protect the very land we farm on.

What will happen to the data?

Data collected will be collated to help measure progress towards the industry’s improved management practices. It will be used to help identify any research, development and extension, product development and training needs.