Queensland’s horticulture growers are invited to participate in an online Hort360 workshop about managing nematodes on Wednesday 28 August, 2019.

Get the Jump on Nematodes – Hort360 Zoom Session is an interactive webinar tailored specifically for growers to participate in from their own homes, offices or mobile devices.

The workshop is part of a series of grower events that Growcom are running to assist industry in accessing the extensive information and resources available through Hort360.

Growcom’s Hort360 Manager, Scott Wallace said the Best Management Practice (BMP) program is designed to give growers a 360 degree view of their farm business operations.

“Participating in Hort360 is an excellent way for growers to benchmark practices,” Mr Wallace said.

“The online platform is packed with resources, and can assist growers to identify on-farm improvements so that they are operating at, or above, industry best practice standard.”

Through the Hort360 workshop series, Growcom has invited expertise from across the state to provide information to growers on all aspects of their horticulture farming practices and business.

Get the Jump on Nematodes – Hort360 Zoom Session will feature a presentation by Dr Jady Li from CQUniversity, drilling down into nematode biology, treatment options for nematodes, and how to prevent further spread of nematodes.

The online workshop is an initiative of Growcom’s Hort360 Great Barrier Reef BMP Program, funded by the Queensland Government Reef Water Quality Program.

All growers that participate in the workshop will receive a Hort360 Pest Pack which includes one-on-one assistance to create a farm specific Biosecurity Action Plan.

Growers interested in participating can register online at http://bit.ly/jumponnematode or contact Hort360 BMP Facilitator Michelle Haase on 0428 586 890 or at mhaase@growcom.com.au