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Growcom’s Workplace Relations (WR) team is ready to assist production horticulture businesses meet their regulatory requirements and best practice employment standards in industrial relations and human resources. Our advice and products are tailored specifically to meet the needs of horticulture producers, whether the farm business is family managed or a corporate structure.

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These template documents comply with relevant legislation as at the date of purchase.  If legislative requirements change, the documents may not continue to comply with relevant legislation and may need to be amended. Users are responsible for monitoring ongoing compliance with the law and Growcom will not provide individual updates to users.
The commercial terms and arrangements set out in the template documents reflect common industry practice. Users may need to tailor the documents to meet their own commercial circumstances. Users must take care to ensure any change does not result in the document ceasing to meet legislative requirements. Growcom accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any changes which have not been approved in writing by Growcom.