Why Future Fields?

The Queensland fresh produce sector is estimated to be worth in excess of $3 billion annually to the state’s economy. It’s our second largest and fastest growing agricultural industry, and source of significant employment and wealth creation in many regional communities.
Despite its significance and potential, the sector and supply chain lack a unifying story that takes account of its past, presents current opportunities, and makes a rightfully ambitious statement about its future.
Future Fields will be the strategic plan for the Queensland fresh produce sector and supply chain over next ten years, setting out a shared vision of where we want to be, and an agreed set of actions to turn that vision into reality.

About Future Fields 

Future Fields is an industry strategic plan, but with a difference.

While the strategy enjoys the explicit support of the Queensland Government, it is not a government document and nor will the actions arising from Future Fields necessarily rely on further government support or funding.

Future Fields is about the horticulture industry and supply chain partners coming together and taking their futures into their own hands.

This approach is underpinned by the understanding that people who take responsibility in a situation have the best chance of taking actions which will make a difference.

With a broad scope, we’ll be focussing our attention on just a few key fields where there’s big gains to be made, multiple parties coming together and solutions that require collaboration.

Why now? 

While COVID-19 has caused enormous pain and disruption, it will also continue to create opportunity for those ready and willing to adapt.

The pandemic has kept our focus on the present. It’s essential as a sector we now raise our sights to the future. We are in a race. The winners over the next ten years are being determined today.

Future Fields will ensure Queensland remains the preeminent state for horticultural production, supply chain innovation and food processing, and that we continue to attract investment from interstate and overseas.

How can I get involved? 

To be successful Future Fields must be owned by all stakeholders with a role to play in bringing its vision to life, including growers, their suppliers, their buyers, government agencies, and those in research, banking, insurance, logistics, marketing and processing. 

So we are designing an open engagement process, with multiple opportunities for you to influence the direction of the strategy and identify those key fields for us all to focus on. 

Future Fields Survey

All interested parties are encouraged to complete a short four-question survey to ensure we’ve captured as many views as possible in narrowing our attention down to just four distinct fields, comprising our most significant strategic challenges and opportunities, that we’ll focus on through Future Fields.

We’re also asking respondents to share their own vision for the industry and supply chain, and identify how we should measure our success.

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, and is open now and through until the end of November.

Future Fields Leaders  

In parallel with developing the content of Future Fields, we are also developing the capability of a network of key people, able to work together, for the long-term success of the fresh produce sector and supply chain, as outlined in the strategy.

Future Fields Leaders are a group of approximately a dozen doers, who will be reaching out to key stakeholders, leading engagement, and seeking agreement on actions to be taken.

This is an exceptional opportunity for anyone keen to build their skills and expand their professional network within the fresh produce sector.

The expression of interest form takes just 10 minutes to complete. We want to hear about what strategic opportunity you want to tackle for the good of the industry.

For more detail on the Future Fields Leader role and its responsibilities please refer to the Terms of Reference.

How can I keep up to date? 

For all the latest Future Fields news and information, including registration details for the summit and opportunities to influence the direction of the strategy through regional workshops around Queensland, subscribe for regular updates and join the Facebook group.

Regional Workshops

We will be running workshops for each of the major horticulture production regions in Queensland, held both virtually and in location, so that every grower and supply chain stakeholder will have an opportunity to influence the direction of Future Fields.

Future Fields will be in Emerald for AgTech21 on Wednesday 3rd November. Say g’day to Growcom representative Richard Shannon who’ll be walking the floor of the conference. 

Details of the remaining workshops will be released soon, including in the Lockyer Valley, on the Granite Belt and at the Sunshine Coast in early 2022.


Future Fields’ Regional Workshops are proudly supported and sponsored by Sunsuper.

Future Fields Advisory Committee

A advisory committee of approximately a dozen eminent experts and industry leaders from across the fresh produce supply chain is currently being assembled to guide and help identify our fields of focus.

Advisory committee appointments will be released soon.


The development and delivery of Future Fields is being facilitated on behalf of the Queensland fresh produce sector and supply chain by Growcom, the peak body the peak body representing the state’s fruit, vegetable and nut growers.

Growcom delivers services across the entire horticulture industry, to businesses and organisations of all commodities, sizes and regions, and across the value chain. While we are Queensland-based, Growcom delivers national-scale projects and policy initiatives.

We are being ably assisted in the development of Future Fields by the below partners and supporters.



Future Fields is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.