What is Future Fields?

Future Fields is the strategic plan for the Queensland fresh produce sector and supply chain over next ten years, setting out a shared vision of where we want to be, and an agreed set of actions to turn that vision into reality.

The Queensland fresh produce sector is estimated to be worth in excess of $3 billion annually to the state’s economy. It’s our second largest and fastest growing agricultural industry, and source of significant employment and wealth creation in many regional communities.

Despite its significance and potential, the sector and supply chain lacked a unifying story that took into account its past, current opportunities, and future.

Future Fields will ensure Queensland remains the preeminent state for horticultural production, supply chain innovation and food processing, and that we continue to attract investment from interstate and overseas.

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Focusing on four key fields

With limited time, resources and attention, the fresh produce sector must be targeted in those challenges and opportunities it chooses to attack. So the fresh produce sector and supply chain in Queensland has agreed on four key fields of strategic interest to pursue over the next two years.

Through an extensive grassroots engagement and consultation process, these four fields have risen to the top in terms of the likely benefit to industry from taking action, and the level of collaboration required to bring that benefit about.

Asset 9
Reaching new markets through innovation in food processing, packaging and logistics
Asset 12
Working Smarter
Building skills to adopt and apply the new technologies that will reduce reliance on low skilled & labour intensive roles
Asset 10
Bio Strong
Managing pests, diseases and biosecurity risks using data intelligence and collaboration
Asset 11
Coordinated Compliance
Making it easier for growers to comply with government regulations and meet market driven requirements through digitization and eliminating duplication.

Future Fields Leaders and Advisory Committee

The development of Future Fields was a collaborative effort. Supporting the design of the report was a diverse and dynamic team of existing and emerging leaders. Growcom would like to acknowledge the contributions made by the Future Fields Leaders and Advisory Committee.

Future Fields Leaders

Eddie Alvarenga

Femi Akinsanmi

Jennifer McKee

Jessica Volker

Johnathon Davey

Josh Maunder

Kees Versteeg

Kerry McCarthy

Kristy Banks

Paul Fagg

Phil Horton

Richard Clayton

Future Fields Advisory Committee

Tony Kelly

Fabian Carniel

Emma Greenhatch

John Corbett

Liz Alexander

Debbie Smith

Belinda Frentz

Sarah Corcoran

Ben Martin

Angus Ferrier

Neena Mitter

Bob Gee

A collaborative effort


The development and delivery of Future Fields was facilitated on behalf of the Queensland fresh produce sector and supply chain by Growcom, the peak body representing the state’s fruit, vegetable and nut growers.

Growcom delivers services across the entire horticulture industry, to businesses and organisations of all commodities, sizes and regions, and across the value chain. While we are Queensland-based, Growcom delivers national-scale projects and policy initiatives.

Growcom was assisted by the below partners and supporters.



Future Fields is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.
Future Fields’ Regional Workshops are proudly supported and sponsored by Australian Retirement Trust.