Growcom’s Hort360 is the best management practice program for horticulture. It is an online, risk assessment tool, which is designed to give you a 360 degree view of your farm business operations.

Hort360 allows industry to be guided by best practice, sound science and legislation to make decisions that work for farms and businesses. It allows the horticulture industry to demonstrate environmental stewardship, sound workplace health and safety practices and good business management.

Over the coming months we will be highlighting the various aspects of Hort360, the benefits of being involved and how it can assist you to identify potential risks, capitalise on business opportunities and highlight unnecessary farm expenses.

Hort360 contains a series of modules – irrigation, energy, waste, biodiversity, biosecurity, air, pesticide, better business, soil, climate, nutrient, run-off, workplace safety – which are designed to meet your business
needs. On completion of each module you are provided with a risk action report and a brief overview of your performance amongst your peers. To assist you to implement a suggested action Hort360 has compiled a resource
catalogue – go to and click on the module icons.

You are able to access Hort360 via a Growcom facilitator and/or via your own login (just complete and submit the registration form – – if you do not already have a login).

By participating in Hort360 you will have the opportunity to access on-farm technical support, on-farm training, professional networks and certification against Freshcare Environmental. All this will enable you to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, improve productivity and product quality, and build wealth.