Queensland’s peak industry body representing fruit, vegetable and nut growers today launched their new advocacy and engagement arm – Horticulture Queensland. The name will be the fourth name associated with the peak body since its inception in 1923. 

Originally a statutory authority, the organisation went under the name of Committee of Direction of Fruit Marketing (also known as COD or COD Industry Services).  

In 1991, COD changed their name to Queensland Fruit & Vegetable Growers (QFVG) and then in 1999 also changed their status from a statutory body to a company limited by guarantee. The change being as a consequence of the general trend of all governments to minimise their regulatory role in industry.  

2004 brought about the addition of a trading name ‘Growcom’, a name which the organisation has been known as ever since.  

When asked about the reasoning behind the latest addition, Chief Executive Officer Rachel Chambers said feedback from members made it clear as to their expectations for the next 100 years. 

“Our members have spoken, and we’ve listened. Our members rightfully expect loud, strong, and brave advocacy which fundamentally requires a different structure to the delivery of projects and programs. Because of this feedback we have decided to run two unique divisions of QFVG to reflect its two distinct functions,” Ms Chambers said.  

“The easiest way to think of the new structure is to think of QFVG as the head – it’s the board, the employer of staff, and the legal entity. Horticulture Queensland is our new dedicated advocacy arm while Growcom will be retained to serve as the programs and projects delivery arm. One head, two arms.” 

When asked what would happen with Growcom membership, Ms Chambers said, “She wanted to assure members that they will automatically transfer over to Horticulture Queensland whilst participants in Growcom’s programs and projects will remain unchanged. Members have been contacted personally about the change.”  

As part of today’s announcement, a new “100% for 100 years” membership was also launched.  

“The strength in any member-based advocacy lies in numbers. The ability to say with confidence that you understand and represent the views of the entire industry and have the numbers to back that up is when government must listen. It’s our mission to represent 100% of the industry in our 100th year,” Ms Chambers said. 

To join Horticulture Queensland, visit: http://bit.ly/HorticultureQueensland