The Fair Farms program – funded by the Federal Government and in its third year – is celebrating a worker-focused milestone: more than 13,000 workers are covered under the program.

Growcom Chair Belinda Frentz said the Federal Government’s funding for the program is helping to raise awareness, provide training, one-on-one support and a pathway to a third-party audit and subsequent certification.

“I’m proud of the progress the program has made so far and to see that more and more workers are covered under the program is encouraging,” Ms Frentz said.

“Thank you to the new Federal Government for the continued support of this program and in particular the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Murray Watt.

“I met with Minister Watt at Hort Connections 2022 where we discussed the upcoming Fair Farms National Conference, and I – along with industry – look forward to hosting him on the day to celebrate what’s great about Fair Farms.

“For the program to succeed, it’s a collaborative effort – yes, it’s industry-led for growers – and to have the support of the Federal Government and Minister Watt makes a world of difference.”

“The Program provides a level of certainty for workers and for employers,” Growcom CEO Rachel Chambers said.

“The intention is to ensure both the worker and the employer are set up for success and sustainable outcomes – we need each other now more than ever. 

 “Right across Australia there is a severe worker shortage, and this program opens the gates to hiring staff in what is an incredibly competitive environment.”

“It again positions Australian growers at the head of the pack – we believe the significance of Fair Farms for our industry is only going to increase as workers both at home and abroad look for jobs with businesses that have these credentials.”    

The Fair Farms National Conference & Awards will take place on Friday, October 14 at the Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour.

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