With a proactive goal to boost sustainability, Growcom’s Hort360 South-East Queensland water quality program is set to be refunded through the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science (DESE), with a $1.1 million investment over the next three years.  

Fresh produce growers have proactively utilised tools available on Growcom’s Best Management Practice program, Hort360, to curb fertiliser and sediment runoff into Moreton Bay with the goal of helping preserve South-East Queensland’s catchments and improve water quality.   

Growcom Acting Chief Executive Officer Richard Shannon said growers undertaking Hort360 can help minimise the impact of farming on the natural environment.  

“The real take away from the State’s decision to invest in Growcom’s Hort360 SEQ program is that it’s proving a valuable tool for growers to shape improved business practices, that value-add to their bottom line while helping Moreton Bay and its catchments become more resilient,” Mr Shannon said.  

“Growcom encourages all growers in the South-East Queensland corridor to use this opportunity to take up Hort360.  

“South-East Queensland’s waterways and beaches are iconic around the world and the Growcom Hort360 process is kicking goals for sustainable business practices and the preservation of these natural wonders.” 

The result – cleaner, healthier waterways and more sustainable farming businesses – coexisting together.  

“The waterways in this region are important to growers and their communities too – it’s part of their backyard – and they don’t want to harm it,” Mr Shannon said.  

“That’s why I’m glad that growers continue to recognise the benefits of Hort360 as a proactive way to improve the profitability and sustainability of their business.” 

For more information about Hort360, visit www.growcom.com.au  

Successful outcomes from phase 1: 

  • Greater stewardship from growers in recognising the issues and implementing best practices to resolve the problems; and 
  • Greater resilience for growers dealing with extreme weather conditions over the last three years from drought to floods. 

Future goals for Hort360 SEQ:  

  • Further expand BMP implementation on farm; and  
  • Greater collaboration between industry and government facilitated by Growcom – resulting in industry having more say in on-ground work and ownership of the outcomes. ENDS