Effective business planning and considerations for financial arrangements in the wake of low interest rates and hurdles brought on by Covid will form key presentations at Growcom’s upcoming Workplace Essentials seminar, which will be available both in-person and via livestream.

Growcom chief executive officer Stephen Barnard said the seminar will include financing options and strategic business advice from accounting firm Bentleys, as well as people and management perspectives from Focus HR.  

“This Workplace Essentials seminar will look at the big questions agribusinesses face moving forward, including on and off-farm investments, succession planning, managing debt and forming a great team at work,” Mr Barnard said.

“For the first time we will be hosting this event both for those who want to attend in-person and livestream via our YouTube channel.

“I encourage you to put aside time on 11 November to join in with some like-minded folk and discuss topics that we all need to take into consideration for the ongoing benefit of our businesses and family’s.”

Bentleys Partner, Rohan Dunson, said the event will be a chance for Growcom members and non-members alike to get some great tips on business strategy and financing options for the future.

“Our presenters have a combined 30 plus years of experience and what we really want to tackle at the seminar is how you can make confident, clear and well-informed decisions that give you peace of mind about where things are headed,” Mr Dunsdon said.

Focus HR, a Toowoomba-based enterprise, said workplace culture is a company’s single most powerful source of competitive advantage.

“Our presentation will focus on how to build cultures based on trust, leading with integrity and approaches to build common ground with your people,” Mrs Wilson said.

For more information and to register, visit this link.


Date: November 11, 9:30AM – 2:30PM

Location:  Concordia Lutheran College. 154 Stephen Street, Toowoomba

Livestream via YouTube also available.