Enabling agribusinesses to have the right tools to keep on top of workplace health and safety (WHS) practices will be a priority when Growcom hosts two free webinars in October.

To help raise awareness of best practices in WHS, Growcom will partner with WorkCover Queensland to offer two informative webinar sessions, Growcom Chief Executive Officer Stephen Barnard said.

“WHS practices are important to keep front of mind and we want to make sure fresh produce employers deal with less uncertainty surrounding safety responsibilities,” Mr Barnard said.

“Whether you think you are doing the right thing or have questions, these webinars are for you because you’ll walk away with peace of mind – a clear mindset in terms of where you’re positioned with WHS practices.

“They will also highlight particular areas of high risk based on real data on workplace injuries provided by WorkCover Queensland.

“There’s no doubt that sourcing labour is one of the largest challenges we face at the moment and when we get into tough times like these, we can’t let our standards drop off.

“Growcom encourages you to register for these webinars and keep updated, to protect your employees, yourself, and your business.

“Don’t miss out on this chance to hear about best management practices surrounding WHS and ask questions to clear up any concerns.”

By participating in these webinars you will gain:

  • Improved knowledge of WHS risks and hazards;
  • Improved ability to apply a best management practice process for continuous improvement and review of WHS processes and practices in the horticulture workplace;
  • Improved applied policy, processes and practices in the workplace, across all areas of the business.

The first webinar, set for October 14, will focus on reducing risks and hazards on farm. To register for this first session, click here.

The second webinar, set for October 21, will include an introduction to health and safety practices within the updated Hort 360 WHS module, helping to keep you and your business compliant with current legislative requirements. To register for the second session, click here.

“This Hort 360 webinar will give participants a chance to progress towards completing the WHS module imbedded within the program,” Mr Barnard said.

Hort 360 – developed and delivered by Growcom – is the best management practice (BMP) program for the Australian horticulture industry, giving growers a complete view of their business from the soil and water to WHS practices.

These webinars are supported by Fair Farms. Fair Farms – developed and delivered by Growcom – is a national training and certification initiative aimed at cultivating fair and responsible employment practices in Australian horticulture.

Visit www.growcom.com.au for more information about Hort 360 and Fair Farms or call 07 3620 3816.