You may have heard the term ‘stapling’ over recent months and during the last Federal Budget, but what exactly does ‘stapling’ mean?

We took a closer look to unpack fact from fiction and spoke to Anna Geddes, Sunsuper’s Regional Manager based in Toowoomba.

Q: So what exactly is ‘stapling’?

A: “Stapling is another way of referring to a super account that’s a ‘single default account’ which is ‘stapled’ to the individual employee whenever they change jobs.

“In a nutshell, employers will be required to search for an employee’s existing stapled fund by contacting the ATO and directing contributions to that fund, unless the employee has made an active choice about their super fund. That being said, employees can still choose their own super fund or the employer’s company default fund by completing the standard choice form.”

Q: When does stapling come into effect?

A: “From 1 November, employers can no longer automatically create a new super account in their default fund for new employees who haven’t chosen a super fund.”

Q: What happens if there is no ‘stapled fund’?

A: “Where there is no stapled fund and no other super fund has been nominated, super contributions can still be made into the default fund.”

Q: Does this impact existing employees in any way?

A: “No. Existing employees won’t be affected by these changes and if you’re an employer, you will simply continue to make compulsory superannuation guarantee payments into the same super fund account you do today.”

Q: What happens if the employee has multiple existing funds?

A: “Where a member has multiple existing funds, the ATO will apply tiebreaker rules to identify the stapled fund. The rules consider the most recent fund identified by the ATO, the fund that received the most recent contribution, the fund that held the largest account balance and other factors, such as when the employee became a member, or holder, of each eligible fund.”

Q: How do you find details of a new employee’s stapled fund?

A: “The ATO is currently designing a solution for the employer superannuation account stapling service and has confirmed the service will be a two-phased approach. You will be able to find the details of a new employee’s stapled fund by contacting the ATO.”

Q: Where’s the best place to find out more information?

A: “If you’re an employer, you can reach out to your team of Sunsuper Regional Managers and if you’re not sure who that is, call our Contact Centre on 13 11 84 and they’ll be able to assist.

“We have plenty of helpful information available at and it’s also good to check regularly for updates at as more information on stapling becomes available closer to 1 November.”

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