Want to find workers? 
Want to reduce your on-farm induction by up to 70% for free?
Want to receive employment paperwork by email for free?

Easy! FarmReady is giving away free coupon codes to the first 10 farms who sign up. The benefit of signing up to FarmReady is that farm businesses can use it as an induction tool and reduce their first-morning employment signup worries! On top of that, farms are freely promoted to potential workers on the FarmReady website.

You can hand out the coupon code to job seekers or newly employed staff (perhaps on your website, return emails or on the farm) asking them to complete the online training. Having people arrive with FarmReady training completed saves you time and effort. You’re also following a process that helps you be legally compliant and reduces the need to search for hard to read, incomplete employment paperwork.

Interested? You can read more about it here on the website:  farmreadyhub.com/industry/ 

Have questions? Email: enquiry@farmreadyhub.com

Want to signup? Just fill out this web-form:  farmreadyhub.com/employer-registration-form/

Why FarmReady? FarmReady believes that preparation and induction training should be industry-led and benefit employers too! If you sign up for a free coupon code – you are welcome to provide feedback that contributes to any updates or changes to the training, so it better reflects what you need on your farm. Your coupon code is lets you train any number of employees and is current till 30 June 2022. You are welcome to cancel at any time, no questions asked.