Moonrocks is a family-owned Australian business, operated by fifth generation farmers Andrew and David Moon, currently growing garlic, onions, and various other horticulture crops.

Garlic and onions are both great foods for adding flavour to dishes, limiting the need for added salt and sugars. Both are sources of B6, vitamin C and various minerals. The high sulphur content in garlic can even help your body absorb minerals like zinc to help boost immunity.

Garlic and onions are part of the vegetables and legumes/beans group, one of the five food groups recommended for everyday consumption. Vegetables, legumes/beans provide vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and many hundreds of phytonutrients.

As part of the QCWA Country Kitchens Meet a Farmer initiative, the team met with Andrew Moon, farmer and owner of Moonrocks in St George.

“Our family grew up farming in the Lockyer Valley region, and when we were young Dad moved us to St. George where we have now been farming for over 40 years. The name Moonrocks came from the many years that we grew rockmelons, but we’ve focused predominantly on garlic and onion cropping for many years now, along with a smaller focus on broccoli, sweetcorn and pumpkins. Our key markets are direct-retail, foodservice and export,” Andrew said.

While currently producing onions and garlic, Moonrocks have experience with a variety of crops including broccoli, sweet corn, pumpkins and melons. Like many farmers, the family has adapted their crops to suit changing weather, labour availability and technology.

The family business was recently awarded the Hort Connections Syngenta Grower of the Year. This award celebrates the best and brightest in horticulture across Australia. Being recognised as the best in the business is no small feat. Andrew says there are two factors to the business’s success.

“Years of hard work and innovation. We have focused on working with what we have and staying true to what our end consumer needs,” he said.

Innovation in the business is continuing, with the launch of the farm’s own brand of ready to use garlic products, called G’day Garlic.

“G’day garlic is a great example of that innovation… taking a product we already have [garlic] and presenting it in a new and useful way to our end customer. We have launched two ready to use garlic powders, which took us years to perfect… and it is one of the only garlic powder products out there with no salt or additives, whilst boasting intense flavour that rivals the fresh stuff,” Andrew said.

For those in rural and remote communities often limited in the fresh produce available, G’Day Garlic provides a fresh and local product in an affordable and storable form.

“When consumers purchase G’Day Garlic products they are purchasing direct from the farm. The garlic seed is sown, harvested, processed, packed and shipped all from our farm. Giving a true paddock to plate experience for our customers,” he said.

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