Why people from all over the globe choose Macadamia Farm Management 

If you ever find yourself dreading the start of a new week or feeling that employment is nothing but a 9-to-5 rat race, Macadamia Farm Management might be just the career change you need to get back to being positive and motivated. You don’t need to be a tradie or have 20-years of experience in the macadamia or even agriculture industry to consider working for an industry leader. The rapid expansion of the macadamia industry has allowed us to employ a variety of team members from all walks of life, during some of the toughest economic times in recent history. Much like growing exceptional macadamia trees to maturity, we understand that education and skills development requires continued growth. So if you are willing to learn and have a “can-do” attitude, come and grow yourself and some of Australia’s best macadamia trees! 

Macadamia Farm Management has been in business for over three decades and is an industry leader in the management of macadamia farms. When we started, Macadamia Farm Management managed around 12 macadamia orchards located in and around Bundaberg. Today, we manage and develop farms all over, and our footprint stretches from Bundaberg all the way to Gympie, including several neighbouring areas like Gin Gin, Childers, Bucca, and Maryborough. With Macadamia Farm Management managing farms over such an extensive area it is no surprise that a large amount of employment opportunities has been created in a short space of time.  

Driving along any of the multiple agricultural properties in the Wide Bay Burnett, always boasting a tractor and few high visibility shirts in the field, one would not be blamed to think that agriculture entails, driving a tractor, or getting some sort of crop in the ground just in time for the rain. A quick scroll through Macadamia Farm Management’s social media pages not only gives a greater insight into all the different components involved in the management of macadamia orchards, but also highlights the fact that agriculture involves so much more than growing food. It requires passionate and self-motivated people with varying skill sets to grow a small tree into an orchard. Working at Macadamia Farm Management involves being part of a team of talented individuals ranging from vastly experienced machinery operators, world-leading agronomists, software and mechanical engineers, production and operational experts, and senior administrative employees in the human resources and finance departments who all play a crucial role in ensuring that this ship sails smoothly.  

So, what does it take to have a team of like-minded individuals who are all committed to a team effort? According to our CEO, Scott Allcott, it is Macadamia Farm Management’s investment in employees’ education and skills development that makes it the preferred farm management company. Scott never misses an opportunity to remind the Macadamia Farm Management team that they work with, and not for, the company which emphasizes the spirit of unity. It’s this feeling of being part of the company that has made Macadamia Farm Management a preferred employer, with some of our employees being part of the team since the first piece of soil was tilled back in 1987. 

One of the key reasons that this company has been able to remain on top of its game, is the fact that its team members are able to see the bigger picture, can contribute and be innovative whilst having the support of senior employees and managers that are willing to educate and mentor anyone with a willingness to learn. Directly quoting one of our newest employees “I have never worked at an organisation where the doors to the CEO, Operations Manager and Human Resources Manager are always open and where everyone has the opportunity to ask for help from senior management”. 

If you are a passionate and hard-working individual, that believes there is more to employment than earning a salary and ticking items of a to-do list, Macadamia Farm Management is exactly where you need to be. Get in touch with our recruitment office by contacting Tanya McCombe at 0417 975 663 or tanyamccombe@macfarmmanagement.com  

Join a company that breaks boundaries, supports the community and always has a home for self-motivated and talented individuals!