Over 40 growers joined Growcom in May for our Agribusiness Essentials Webinars. Presented in partnership with Bentleys (QLD) and Sunsuper this webinar series explored tips on how to get your business tax ready, succession planning, cashflow management, and living your best retirement. 

For those who were unable to join us for the live webinar, the recordings are now available. Copies of the Bentleys (QLD) presentations can be obtained by emailing: bentleys@bris.bentleys.com.au

WEBINAR 1: Are you and your business ready for end-of-financial year?

Tax season is just around the corner. Do you know enough about the concessions that may be available to you? More importantly, do you know what you need to do to be eligible? In this webinar Rohan Dunsdon from Bentleys Advisors and Accountants provides tips on getting ready for end-of-financial year.

WEBINAR 2: Growing or going? What’s next for your business?

Are you considering changes to the ownership or leadership of your business? Do you know what’s involved in business succession/transition? What about funding? What does your bank need to know about your succession plans? In this session, Rohan Dunsdon and Alissa Herman from Bentleys Advisors and Accountants provide you with the facts you need to start planning for your business succession.

WEBINAR 3: How does your cash-flow?

Cashflow can make or break a business. Understanding your business’s outflows and inflows – and what influences them – is critical to ensure that you can accurately forecast and plan for the future of your business. Strong cashflow management is also a great way to win confidence and support from your banker. In this session, Rohan Dunsdon and Alissa Herman from Bentleys Advisors and Accountants will run through top tips on how to master cashflow management in your business.

WEBINAR 4: Living your best retirement

Whether it’s really close or still a few years away, you’re probably thinking about what you’ll do and how you’ll live in retirement. We know that feeling on top of your future starts with being on top of your super. In this session, Sunsuper’s education experts Ruth Weaver and Joshua van Gestel help make it easy for you to take charge of your retirement planning by explaining more about:

  • When you can access your super.
  • How account-based pensions like a Sunsuper Income account work and why you should consider one.
  • Your investment choice and super contributions leading up to retirement.
  • If you’ll be eligible for the government age pension in retirement.
  • The next step in financially preparing for retirement.

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