Soil health decreases after a flooding event due to waterlogging and introduced pests and diseases from other land areas. The most effective solution is to fumigate the soil to control these pathogens and rebalance the native beneficial soil microbe population, conditioning it ready for planting. 

The newly conditioned soil provides healthier plants as they are able to maximize their water and nutrient use. Fumigation has been proven to suppress soil borne diseases, increase fruit yield and increase individual fruit weights. 

At TriCal Australia, we have access to DNA Testing Technology. Soil tests are taken before and after fumigation to determine individual species of nematodes and fungal pathogens. The before tests allow the fumigants to be prescriptively applied with the correct type and amount to the soil. The after tests provide kill rates on nematodes and fungal pathogens to provide soil health information prior to planting. 

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