By Growcom CEO Stephen Barnard

Pest management and biosecurity are of critical concern in the horticulture industry. Pesticides play a vital role in the management of pests and diseases and knowing what is registered and permitted for use is a key part of pest management success.

Growcom plays a key role in delivering practical services around pest management and chemical access. We have a detailed understanding of the regulatory frameworks for agricultural chemical access and use, excellent networks across the government and private sectors and a strong track record in preparing submissions regarding biosecurity and chemical management.  

Growcom has owned and operated Infopest, the premier AgVet chemical database for Australia’s agricultural and veterinary industries since 2012.

Featuring all chemicals registered and approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), Infopest is a one-stop shop of accurate, up-to-date information for the effective control of weeds, pests, and diseases in a wide range of crops and livestock. Growers look to Infopest as a trusted source of safety datasheets that assist them with their quality assurance and safety audits. It is also a valued tool within state government to assist them in their control of use activities.

Over the past year, we have been working with leading horticultural farm management software company and Growcom corporate member, Apunga to redevelop the Infopest product.

The team at Apunga have been fantastic to work with and we are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved product this week.

Featuring improved functionality, along with a clean, modern look, users can now save their favorite search terms, look up previous search results, customise their display and filter items of interest. Users can also view labels, permits and safety data sheets where they are available. 

An app is also in the pipeline and will be released later in the year. 

Access to Infopest is via a subscription service. For more information or to purchase a subscription visit: