Growcom today welcomed the release by the major supermarkets of their very first annual reports on ethical sourcing required under the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Growcom CEO Stephen Barnard has said the annual reports are an important piece of the puzzle to ensure growers around the country who do their due diligence and do the right thing are recognized.

“The detrimental impacts of poor employment practices are a risk everyone along the supply chain is acutely aware of and actively managing,” said Mr Barnard. 

“Practicing fair employment is not just a matter of ethics, but of doing good business.

“Sunlight is an age-old disinfectant. Our desire is to see meaningful reporting and greater transparency leading to continuous improvement across the board, and opportunities for those who demonstrate best-practice to be rewarded.”   

Growcom also welcomed recognition from both Coles and Woolworths in their annual reports of the contribution made by Fair Farms, the industry-led program delivering independent third-party audit and certification of fair employment practices.

“Since being launched last June, Fair Farms has made huge strides and recorded a number of important milestones,” said Marsha Aralar, National Program Manager of Fair Farms. 

“Importantly, each of the major supermarkets now recognise Fair Farms certification as proof their supply chain partners are practicing ethical employment. 

“We now have over 200 growers participating in the program. And this number continues to grow as word spreads among growers of the advantages of Fair Farms, including its superior training and content tailored to Australian employment law.”    

More information on Fair Farms can be found here: