The Queensland Government is considering the release of unallocated groundwater from the Western Great Artesian Basin, to give Queenslanders the resources they need to grow their business and create new jobs.

To gain a better understanding of the demand for these resources, potential water users interested in accessing water from the Western Queensland parts of the Hooray, Cadna-owie, Springbok Walloon and Hutton groundwater formations, are invited to express their interest.

The expression of interest (EOI) will cover groundwater made available from parts of the Eromanga and Adori Injune aquifer units underlying Western Queensland.

The outcomes of this EOI will help determine the demand for groundwater and the best way to get the water into the hands of those who will make use of it.

As these water resources are subject to the Great Artesian Basin & Other Regional Aquifers (GABORA) water plan 2017, there are limits on where new bores can be located and where water licences can be issued. Additionally, the water accessibility and quality of these aquifers is variable. The Queensland Government will work with anyone who expresses interest to identify these requirements.

To discuss these water resources, phone 13QGOV, email or search for ‘EOI unallocated water’ at

Please note that submitting and EOI does not automatically make you eligible for grant of a water entitlement.