TriCal Australia is currently working with the horticulture industry to develop and progress a number of exciting trials around Australia.


Trials in pineapple crops have been performing well throughout the sunshine state. Results showed yield improvements by 30 per cent when fumigated with STRIKETM 35 soil fumigant against nonfumigated areas. In addition, after the first crop, a more vigorous and healthier second crop has been observed.

Brassica crops, beets, rhubarb, and spinach

Beet Cyst Nematode soil fumigation trials are currently being undertaken in the Virginia area of South Australia in partnership with AUSVEG SA, Platinum Ag Services Virginia and the SARDI Nematology team. This investigation is based on soil fumigation options to better suppress populations of Beet Cyst Nematode (Heterodera schachtii) and investigate how applications can be combined with cultural practices to better control this issue. This work is starting to yield good information on the scale of the problem in crops and how soil fumigation treatments can be economically used to suppress Beet Cyst Nematode. A field day is planned later in spring to showcase to grower’s information collected from this trial work.


TriCal Australia has recently completed large scale commercial trials with
onion growers in the Murray Bridge region of South Australia where it was
demonstrated the value of utilising SARDI’s soil DNA testing technology and soil fumigation for the control of Pink Root and Rhizoctonia. Both fungal diseases have had devastating impacts on onion yields and quality. Trials have demonstrated that a 28 per cent improvement in yield can be gained through soil monitoring and fumigation with STRIKE soil fumigants.

Fresh potatoes

Commercial trials have recently been undertaken in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia utilising SARDI’s DNA soil testing and TriCal Australia’s soil fumigants when compared to metham sodium. Premium grade tuber yields for the trial area averaged 45 tonne/ ha at 51 per cent pack out, compared to metham sodium at 31 tonne/ ha with a 39 per cent pack out. Seed colour and skin quality was greatly improved with STIRKE fumigants.

Certified seed potatoes

TriCal Australia is currently trialling soil fumigation using STRIKETM soil fumigants in the Murray Bridge region of South Australia. This work is combining SARDI DNA soil testing and varying fumigant rates using TriCal Australia’s FlexFume in row fumigator. This trial follows a previous onion trial with the aims being to increase tuber numbers, obtain size consistency and improve quality for the Grower.