Peak industry body for Queensland horticulture, Growcom today announced a collaboration with internet sensation Nat’s What I Reckon, as a part of our national healthy eating campaign Eat Yourself to Health. 

Research shows that a varied diet with lots of high-fibre plant foods can help boost gut health and prevent against disease. However, recent dietary surveys have revealed that the majority of Australians are eating less than half of the recommended intake of at least five serves of vegetable and two serves of fruit per day. 

The Eat Yourself to Health campaign encourages all Australians to Eat Up! and Branch Out! by increasing their consumption of fresh foods and introducing into their diet fruits, vegetables and nuts they wouldn’t normally eat. 

Growcom Manager Policy & Advocacy, Richard Shannon said Nat’s What I Reckon’s war against processed food and love of fresh produce is a perfect match for the Eat Yourself to Health campaign. 

“Queensland is fortunate to have an abundance of amazing, high-quality fresh produce that is packed with vitamins and nutrients that can aid in naturally boosting your immune system,” Mr Shannon said. 

“Looking after our health has never been more important as we find our way through this COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we are encouraging all Australia’s to Eat Up, and Branch Out. 

“We look forward to bringing the Australian public some fantastic content through this collaboration as we work to establish real dietary behaviour changes among Australians well beyond COVID.” 

Nat said that when he saw that fresh produce was being left on shelves during COVID-19 panic buying, he declared a war on packaged food and began challenging people to get back into cooking fresh produce.  

“We’re super happy to be working with the champions at Growcom to try to encourage people to eat more fruit, veggies and nuts – it’s bloody good gear, so I reckon get it into ya,” Nat said. 

Since the initial launch of the campaign, consumers have been connecting via Facebook and Instagram and branching out by cooking with a wide variety of produce. 

You can also join the conversation today via social media, on Facebook and Instagram at @eatyourselftohealthau or use the hashtag #EatYourselfToHealth 

A website has also been established with a variety of resources and information for consumers on how to boost their health through increased intake of fruits, vegetables, and nuts:

The Eat Yourself to Health campaign is funded by the Queensland Government under the #eatqld initiative.