One of the key challenges we face during and directly after a natural disaster is that a lot of the vital information gathered comes and goes with the disaster. All of those valuable factsheets, emergency contact lists and disaster checklists become lost with time.

With this in mind Growcom has recently launched a new online learning platform, AgriLearn ( designed to assist growers build resilience to future natural disasters.

The first of many online courses is now available. The Disaster Management course covers all the bases to effectively achieve a swift path to disaster recovery:

  • Learn how to effectively assess disaster risk for your farm business.
  • Strategically develop a plan to streamline your recovery process.
  • Discover the importance of developing a sound business plan.
  • Identify potential prevention measures that can be implemented for your business.
  • Effectively respond to the natural disaster event.
  • Use your newfound knowledge to develop a streamlined recovery plan for your business.

This course is currently free and open to all members of the horticultural industry. Available through the course is a range of materials including videos, factsheets, and checklists.

It is envisaged that the online learning platform will branch out into a variety of different topic areas providing learning opportunities ranging from disaster recovery to agronomic fundamentals and even business management.

Growcom is currently seeking feedback on the types of courses that growers would like to see on the platform. This could include filling skill gaps for farm workers, students and agricultural professionals. Any comments or suggestions can be emailed to

Although funding for this project has been provided by both the Australian and Queensland Government’s, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views of either government.