Soil is complex and creates a refuge for plant pests, such as insects, weeds, bacteria, fungi, and nematodes. Fumigants are uniquely effective because in their gaseous form they disperse through the soil and reach nearly all the pest organisms in the treated zone.

Properly applied fumigants are particularly effective at treating more than one soil-borne problem. Without them, separate chemicals would be necessary. Soil fumigation provides benefits to both consumer and grower. Consumers are able to buy more fresh fruits and vegetables of higher quality at a price they can afford. Growers are able to maximise field usage with shorter crop rotational intervals and greater yields suitable for sale.

Fumigation provides a healthy root system for strawberries, melons, nuts, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes, tree fruit, potatoes, onions, carrots, capsicums, eggplants, flowers nurseries and more.

TriCal Australia offers a full service model for fumigation applications. The team at TriCal is licensed to apply fumigants to your soil through drip or shank injection in broadacre or raised beds. The fumigants are released below the surface of the soil and then sealed using plastic, bed presses or roller packers. Application can be done in as little as 14 days prior to planting as the fumigant rapidly diffuses through the soil and immediately starts eliminating the target pathogens.

Our team can provide easy-tounderstand technical advice in all aspects of fumigation practice utilising any fumigants currently available. Contact TriCal Australia to speak to one of our fumigation experts 08 8347 3838 or visit the TriCal website: