Queensland horticulture growers are slashing thousands from their energy bills thanks to a new program being rolled out by Growcom in partnership with energy consultant, Websters Group.  

Launched last month, the Energy240 program aims to assist growers to reduce energy costs by supporting the accelerated adoption of improvements in on-farm energy use. 

Websters Group Managing Director, Ryan Dillon said the results from the first round of Energy240 audits completed have revealed the significant savings that can be achieved through this program with one grower achieving a saving of just over $13,800 per year. 

“These results are testament to the savings that can be achieved simply by reviewing your energy bill and making some strategic changes,” Mr Dillon said. 

“If increasing energy costs are a concern for your business and you are unsure of solutions to help reduce your energy bill, this program could be the answer you are looking for.” 

With key Ergon tariffs set to be phased out in 2021 rising energy costs will be a greater concern for the horticulture industry. 

Growcom Project Manager On-Farm Water & Energy, Katrina Ziebarth said feedback to-date with this issue is that growers are not aware of potential cost increases or solutions to reduce costs. 

“To fill this knowledge gap Growcom has partnered with Websters Group to provide industry leading expertise at a fraction of the cost,” Ms Ziebarth said. 

“Energy efficiency is a simple yet often overlooked strategy to improve resilience and farm profitability and there is a clear strategic advantage in adopting energy efficient practices and technology within horticulture. 

“I strongly encourage all Queensland horticultural businesses to consider participating in this program with most expected to save at minimum $2500 per year.” 

For a no obligation review of potential energy savings through changing energy tariffs, horticulture growers can submit a recent energy bill online via the Websters Group website before signing up to the program: www.webstersgroup.com.au/tariff-review/ 

Growers can also take advantage of the Websters Group hotline for a quick consultation that can identify the level of potential savings in your business. Contact Websters between 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday on 07 3103 3539. 

Through Energy240, growers will receive via a remote audit: 

  • A detailed review of energy billing 
  • Analysis of cost savings through changing energy tariffs 
  • Review of potential cost increased through planned tariff changes (Ergon transitional tariffs) 
  • Discussion of potential options to improve efficiency and offset potential cost increases 
  • 1.5 hours of dedicated phone support with an Energy Management Engineer  
  • Concise report that outlines finding and what to do to reduce current and future costs.

Growers looking for more information on Energy240 or wanting to participate can register online: www.growcom.com.au/energy240