By Growcom CEO David Thomson

It appears Australia is now on the right track to keep on top of coronavirus.

With new positive cases at an all-time low and the Queensland Government announcing plans to ease social distancing restrictions, it may be that we have made it through the worst of the pandemic.

As the threat of COVID-19 slowly diminishes, Australians are reaching less for the hand sanitiser and more for fresh produce to improve their health and wellbeing.

As a leader for our industry, Growcom believes the coronavirus pandemic provides a unique and important chance to remind the public of the importance of healthy eating, the established links between fresh produce and wellbeing, and the vital role Queensland horticulture will play through this crisis.

The health motive of consumers is currently magnified, retail therapy restricted to supermarkets and the grocery aisle, and the kitchen has come into its own as a creative outlet during lockdown.

It is for these reasons the peak body for horticulture in Queensland, Growcom has launched our Eat Yourself to Health campaign with two clear and simple messages for consumers to Eat Up! and Branch Out!

Eat Up! because as a society we consume nowhere near as much fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts as is recommended. And Branch Out! because of the well-established link between a varied diet including a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, and both improved gut health and boosted immunity.

We are asking individuals to strengthen their immune systems by branching out in their diets and adding more fruits and vegetables to their shopping baskets.

Now could in fact be the best opportunity we have to establish real and longer-term dietary behaviour change well past the point of a pandemic.

Growcom is collaborating with fellow industry bodies, nutritionists, public health communicators, and growers to ensure we’re promoting the most accurate information and practical advice on how exactly you can ‘Eat Yourself to Health’ with fresh produce.

As part of the grassroots campaign, we are encouraging growers to share online with consumers their own unique COVID Cooking Challenge, encouraging creativity in the kitchen by incorporating a wider variety of fresh produce into their diet.

For more information on the Eat Yourself to Health campaign,visit or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @eatyourselftohealthau