By Growcom CEO David Thomson

Looking after our health has never been more important as we find our way through this COVID-19 crisis.

As peak body for horticulture in Queensland, Growcom has just launched Eat Yourself to Health, a new national healthy eating campaign reminding Australians that food is our first medicine.

Research has shown a varied diet with lots of high-fibre foods can help boost gut health and prevent against disease.

But according to recent dietary surveys, the majority of us aren’t eating even half the recommended intake of at least five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit per day.

As part of the Eat Yourself to Health campaign we’re encouraging Australians to Eat Up! And Branch Out! by consuming more fresh foods and also introducing to their diet fruits or vegetables they wouldn’t normally eat.

Growers at this time of year produce an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts each jam packed with nutrients and vitamins that can aid in naturally boosting our immune systems.

And since we’re all staying home and cooking more, this is a fantastic opportunity to expand our cooking skills and try something new.

So as part of the Eat Yourself to Health campaign, growers are sharing with consumers on social media their own unique COVID Cooking Challenge, inspiring creativity in the kitchen by incorporating a wider variety of fresh produce.

Whether it’s a short video or a photo with text, here are some of the key elements growers are including in their COVID Cooking Challenges:

  1. State who you are, your farm and location.
  2. Invite audience to Eat Yourself to Health with the fruit, vegetable or nut you’re currently harvesting. Bonus points for any nutritional information!
  3. Issue your COVID Cooking Challenge that makes use of the crop you’ve introduced at step 2. It could be using the crop in an unusual way, or adding a twist to a classic recipe.
  4. Share your post on your own Facebook or Instagram page and tag the campaign @eatyourselftohealthau and use the hashtag #EatYourselfToHealth

If you’re a grower we encourage you to join the campaign with your own COVID Cooking Challenge, or simply follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share the campaign with your friends.

If you’re a consumer, and we all are, then we’d love to see your response to a COVID Cooking Challenge. Start by visiting campaign pages on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information, our campaign landing page has a variety of resources for consumers on how to boost their health through increased intake of fruits, vegetables and nuts: