Biodiversity in any given area can benefit growers in several ways. Vegetation within and surrounding the farm property can assist to maintain populations of beneficial insects. Vegetation helps to clean air and water, and regulate the local climate. Fungi, worms and bacteria help break down plant material to make fertile and well-structured soil. Native vegetation along waterways traps contaminates before they can reach the water and strengthens stream banks to reduce erosion. Biodiversity can also increase system resilience to major problems such as high winds and flooding since deeprooted native vegetation slows both wind and water and can help protect against erosion.

Through the Hort360 Biodiversity module you will come to understand how you can strengthen your farm systems by incorporating biodiversity onto your farm.

Hort360 is the best management practice program for horticulture. It is an online risk assessment tool designed to give you a 360-degree view of your farm business operation. Hort360 is accessible via a Growcom facilitator and/or your own login (complete and submit the registration form

By participating in Hort360 you will have the opportunity to access on-farm
technical support, on-farm training, professional networks and certification against Freshcare Environmental. All this will enable you to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, improve productivity and product quality, and build wealth.