After a year of negotiation, peak industry body for Queensland horticulture, Growcom has welcomed the amended Moreton Water Plan which will give Central Lockyer farmers a modern water management system to help grow their businesses in the New Year.

Growcom CEO David Thomson said Growcom, the Queensland Farmers’ Federation and growers in the Lockyer Valley should be rightly proud of the role they played in the delivery of the amended Moreton Water Plan.

“Water is the most important input into the $2.8 billion Queensland horticulture industry. Having access to a secure water supply is of paramount importance to all growers,” Mr Thomson said.

“The Department of Natural Resources’ original plan was to base groundwater entitlements on old and inaccurate meter monitoring. More than 1,000 farmers objected to the proposal in formal submissions, arguing further reductions could make them unprofitable and destroy their livelihoods.

“We are pleased to see government showing common sense in this instance and working with industry to deliver a workable solution.”

Mr Thomson said the Department and Natural Resources Minister Anthony Lynham should be commended for the way they handled the whole situation.

“To his great credit Minister Lynham listened to the farming community and outlined a new Moreton Water Plan, as suggested by farmers themselves,” Mr Thomson said.

“This is a great example of trickle-up water policy development, where the government was willing to accept advice and meaningfully engaging with growers to reach a win-win.”