Curious to learn more about bioreactors and if they have a place in your farming system? Join Growcom’s Hort360 Facilitators Michelle Haase and Lindsay Allen in an online Hort360 Zoom Session on Wednesday, 27 November from 6:00pm to 7:00pm to find out what work is being done in the southern Great Barrier Reef region to understand and manage nitrogen losses.

The Nitrogen Losses & Pathways – Hort360 Zoom Session will feature research agronomists from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Luke Griffin and Rhianna Robinson, who are working on research projects in horticulture in the southern Great Barrier Reef (GBR) region. They will present on current on-farm research trials being conducted in the Burnett-Mary region as well as bioreactors, including what they do and how they work.

This is the final Hort360 Zoom Session for the year concluding a series of online workshops run by Growcom assisting horticulture growers to access resources available through Hort360, the best management practice (BMP) program for horticulture.

Growers participating in the Nitrogen Losses & Pathways – Hort360 Zoom will be introduced to the Nutrient module of Hort360 which looks at the three pillars of best management nutrition practices: decision making processes for nutrient application; nutrition application methods; and management.

The Nutrient module provides growers with a means to benchmark their current nutrient management practices against industry standard and an action plan to improve practices that may be considered to be below best practice.

Hort360 Facilitator Michelle Haase said she was looking forward to the final Hort360 Zoom Session for 2019 after the first three received a high level of interest and participation by the industry.

“Our Hort360 Zoom Sessions have engaged more than 100 people in horticulture. Commodities represented have been very diverse including citrus, macadamias, small crops, sweet potatoes, and melons,” said Michelle.

“Online Zoom workshops such as these are very easy to use and an extremely efficient way of sharing knowledge and resources, particularly in regional areas. It’s also a great way of connecting with others in the industry via the chat and video function without all the travel.”

The Hort360 Zoom Sessions are an initiative of Growcom’s Hort360 Great Barrier Reef BMP Program, funded by the Queensland Government Reef Water Quality Program.

To register for the Nitrogen Losses & Pathways – Hort360 Zoom Session, visit or contact Hort360 BMP Facilitator Michelle Haase by phone 0428 586 890 or email

Growers who are not familiar with using online webinars such as Zoom are encouraged to contact Michelle who will help show them the ropes. All that is needed is a device or computer, and access to the internet.