Colliers International Agribusiness are marketing Australia’s only commercial Achacha orchard, providing investors with an opportunity to secure a monopoly over the new sweet, tangy fruit. The Achacha (achachairú, Garcinia humilis) is originally a native of Bolivia.

With an established Australian market, the exotic fruit has a network of agents in eastern states and WA supplying major fresh food chains.

Situated on the Bruce Highway 45km south of Townsville at Palm Creek, the 123 ha property has been fully organic for over six years, and uses biodynamic methods. The property features 3000 African mahogany trees planted across eight rows, running north to south to provide wind breaks and shelter for the Achacha trees.

The property comes with plant breeders’ rights to commercialise the Achacha fruit in Australia, providing a monopoly on the product with over 16,000 trees expected to produce 250 tonnes of saleable fruit in 2019; some trees are already producing over 100kg of fruit. Retail prices for firstgrade fruit vary from $10-$25/kg.

A 25sqm concrete block pumping shed with a short underground pipeline to a nearby Sunwater channel provides irrigation water. The allocation is 535ML, of which around 20 per cent is used, with the remainder being sold on the market annually, plus 100ML from Palm Creek. The property is fully irrigated, each Achacha tree having its own micro sprinkler as part of a Toro system.

The property has two fully equipped dwellings in good condition – a high-set three-bedroom 150sqm cottage, and a sturdy 368sqm concrete block guest house with four double bedrooms, three bathrooms, office and laboratory. This complex is ideally suited to workers’ accommodation.

When the picking season arrives a 744sqm packing shed is put to good use which houses an 80sqm cool room, a GP Graders fruit sorting and grading machine, tea area, tools shed and replacement parts; a five-basin Flowform; and a 720sqm shade cloth nursery.

For more information please contact Peter Uebergang, Colliers International Agribusiness on +61 447 007 744