By Rowena Beveridge, Hort360 Project Manager SEQ

With rapidly growing interests from consumers on the impact food production is having on the environment, Hort360 is providing both state and interstate growers the platform to promote sustainable and profitable farming practices to the wider community. 

Whether it is the slow food movement, paddock to plate journey, farmers markets or just clean green produce, there is an ever increasing young, savvy and self-aware consumer base that are health conscious and want to buy fresh produce grown from an environmentally responsible farm. 

These are educated, young, savvy, self-aware consumers living in emerging suburbs that want to support Australian farmers. They are brand aware, recognise what they see and look for repeat buying. They want to support farmers who take the time and integrity to farm sustainably and ethically. 

Supermarkets are increasingly asking growers to demonstrate their sustainable and ethical stewardship not because they want it, but the consumers are looking for it. 

I was recently at a family reunion in Sydney where most of my relatives buy organics as their perception of organics is not only ‘chemical free’ but also ‘sustainable and ethical’.  Regardless of whether you agree with this or not in this instance is irrelevant, the point is, perception from our city dwellers is everything. 

Being part of Hort360 means growers will progress their environmental stewardship with clear objectives and timeframes to work within. The process gives growers clear direction on areas for improvement, highlights farming efficiencies and creates market opportunities. 

Hort360 is the easiest way for growers to get on board with their own ethically grown stamp. It’s one platform, one whole-of-farm solution and it’s been built by your industry so be proud if it! 

For more information please get in contact: 0417 783 313 or email