Horticulture growers are being urged to get ready for storm season by signing up for an online, after-hours workshop on building climate resilience and preparing for natural disasters on Wednesday, 30 October from 6:00pm to 6:45pm.

The Hort360 Zoom Session on Natural Disaster Preparedness will be an interactive webinar in which growers can participate from their own home, office or mobile device.

The workshop will feature a special presentation by Growcom Climate & Resilience Coordinator Lene Knudsen on the Hort360 Climate Module and Queensland Future Climate Dashboard including climate projections for key regions across the state.

Ms Knudsen will help growers gain a better understanding of what climate change means for their local weather and what best management practices can help them be more prepared.

She will also explore key points from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Land report, the important role the land sector can play in mitigating climate change, how we can adapt to climate change and how best management practice fits into all of this.

The Hort360 Zoom Session on Natural Disaster Preparedness is part of a series of workshops Growcom is running to assist growers to access information and resources available through Hort360, a best management practice (BMP) program developed specifically for the horticulture industry.

Hort360 provides growers with a method of benchmarking their farming practices against industry standard to identify practical improvements that could increase natural disaster preparedness and reduce losses of fertiliser, sediment and pesticides.

Ms Knudsen said she was looking forward to the upcoming Hort360 Zoom Session after the first two workshops had high participation from growers and other industry stakeholders.

“The Hort360 Zoom Sessions have so far involved more than 65 people growing a range of horticulture commodities including citrus, macadamias, small crops, sweet potatoes, and melons,” she said.

“Online workshops with the Zoom platform are very easy to use and are an extremely efficient way of sharing knowledge and resources, particularly in regional areas. It’s also a great way of connecting with growers via the chat and video function without the hassle and expense of travelling.”

Hort360 Zoom Sessions are an initiative of Growcom’s Hort360 Great Barrier Reef BMP Program, funded by the Queensland Government Reef Water Quality Program.

To register for the Hort360 Zoom Session on Natural Disaster Preparedness, visit https://www.growcom.com.au/events/#!event/register/2019/10/30/hort360-zoom-session-date-claimer-natural-disaster-preparedness

For more information, contact Lene Knudsen by phone 0429 000 179 or email lknudsen@growcom.com.au